Dennis R. James

I had the very good fortune to be referred to Dr. Bragg for injuries sustained when an automobile veered onto a walkway and struck me. After being misdiagnosed, denied treatment by my HMO, investigated by my employer’s workers compensation insurance carrier, blamed and shunned by my colleagues, and spending over 41 weeks in physical therapy exercises that gave me minor relief to my damaged shoulder, neck, back, knees and hip, I thought I might never return to good health.

However, after months of chaos and struggling to continue to work while suffering from the pain of my injuries, it was a great relief to meet a doctor who was not only experienced and knowledgeable but also genuinely concerned for me as a human being.

The professionalism of the entire practice is exceptional. I have begun to improve strength and range of motion as a result of the treatment I receive at Dr. Bragg’s Spine and Orthopedic Pain Center. After years of failed treatments, the constant daily pain has lessened and I do not use narcotic drugs for relief. Dr. Bragg actively listens to her patients and engages them in all decisions regarding treatments and care.Thank you for all you did then and your continued care today.