Emma Harrell

My name is Emma Harrell and I have been suffering with arthritis and sciatic pain for years. In 2001, I had a laminectomy, fusion, bone graft, and a cyst removed in my lumbar spine area. The surgery corrected the intense stabbing pain, but it left me with chronic pain and sciatica. While I was not having intense pain, the chronic pain and sciatica greatly affected my day to day activities and sleep at night. I would know that if I spent a day shopping or out at family functions, I would spend a sleepless night with terrible sciatic pain.

I went to see Dr. Bragg in September of 2009. She took a history and started me on a physical therapy program. The therapist started me on an exercise and stretching program. The program included me working at home as well. It requires a personal commitment to follow the program. I was skeptical at first, but quickly found the exercises and stretching was helping me tremendously.

Before starting the therapy program a walk around the mall would give me a night of intense discomfort. After a couple of months of therapy I can now walk around the mall without the pain and discomfort at night. The skill and commitment of Dr. Bragg along with my determination really proved to me that I could do more than I thought I could and that the pain did not have to control me.