Lisa Marshall

I came to the Spine and Orthopedic Pain Center with a need for help with acute re-occurring lower back pain. The pain was so bad with each occurrence that I could hardly walk without experiencing excruciating pain. Dr. Bragg and other team members quickly, but thoroughly, examined my condition, pinpointed the problem almost immediately. Dr. Bragg then referred me over to the physical therapist, Jennifer Cigna. Jen and her team were amazing and that referral is something I will always be grateful for. Not only did they help me with ridding myself of the immediate acute pain, but they really cared about helping me prevent future re-occurrences. They went above and beyond to teach me what I had been doing wrong with my movements, posture and provided me with a plethora of great exercises to strengthen my core and take the pressure off my lower back. After just five weeks, I’ve progressed so much and have all the tools now that I need to stay away from further back pain. Thank You!