William Pierce

For several years I had suffered with severe pain in my back, hips, and legs which limited my ability to walk and stand for an extended period. My pain was characterized as advanced degeneration of the spine involving nerve compression and peripheral neuropathy. After following and experiencing the failure of various regimens to control my pain, I was referred to Dr. W. Bragg in 2009. Dr Bragg’s approach, which proved effective, was aimed at maintaining a consistent blood level of medication to prevent “peaks and valleys.” By regulating the medication, pain control was achieved without feeling “drugged.” Under Dr. Bragg’s treatment I have experienced a significant decrease in my pain plus an increased ability to ambulate and stand. I have also regained a comfort and activity level that I had thought had been lost forever. I am now able to do yard work again and enjoy social activities. Thank you, Dr. Bragg, for your compassion, insight, and personalized approach to pain relief. You have made a new man out of me.