Knock Out Pain®


Secrets to Maintain a Healthy Back

80% OF US WILL HAVE BACK PAIN AT SOME POINT IN OUR LIFE BY AGE 55. Back pain often comes at inopportune times. It destroys vacations, work, outings, holidays and special occasions. Dr. Winifred Bragg has treated thousands of patients with back pain over the past 20 years. She has written this book to educate people about the symptoms and causes of low back pain and to offer her proven strategies for pain relief.

Knock Out Pain® Secrets to Maintain a Healthy Back

This helpful illustrated guide explains the basics of how to care for your spine(back). You will learn the answers to these questions: * What are the O's of LIFE® which contribute to back pain? * Why go to physical therapy? * Which exercises can you do at work to reduce your back pain? * When is surgery necessary? By following these recommendations, you can increase the likelihood of maintaining a healthy back. After all, the best cure for back pain is to prevent it.


Dr. Bragg is an expert in providing non-surgical treatment for injuries and pain resulting from spinal and orthopedic conditions. Her mission is to knock out pain Non-Surgically with as little medication as possible. She has treated thousands of patients successfully by providing a comprehensive approach to their pain utilizing customized treatment plans.

A nationally recognized speaker, Dr. Bragg appeared in numerous TV and print media and has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. She’s been quoted as an expert in Redbook, Women’s World, and Self magazine. Establishing a reputable online presence, Dr. Bragg has authored numerous articles that have drawn tens of thousands of views.

Over the course of her career, she has lectured at numerous medical conferences. She was the keynote speaker on Reducing Pain and Inflammation at the American College of International Physicians; she has lectured repeatedly at the National Medical Association to pain specialists, family practitioners, anesthesiologists, neurosurgeons, and orthopedists on Non-Surgical Treatments of Low Back Pain.

Dr. Bragg is a member of several professional organizations which include the North American Spine Society; International Spinal Injection Society; the American Academy of Pain Medicine and the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians.

Dr. Bragg received her medical degree from Meharry Medical College and completed her residency training at the University of Michigan. She serves on the Leadership Board at the University of Alabama, the Board of Directors for the Rotary Club of Hampton Roads, and the Rotary-TeachersAdvisory Council of SunTrust Bank.

Knock Out Pain® Secrets to Maintain a Healthy Back
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