Business Owners – Taking steps to increase the health of your workforce by reducing back injuries will benefit employees as individuals and your company’s bottom line. Healthy workers are more productive, happier, and less costly in terms of healthcare expenses.

Invite Winifred Bragg, M.D. to your company work site and empower every employee — from the Board Room and the Executive Suite to the front-line and mail room — with tools to improve quality of life and function by reducing low back, neck and musculoskeletal pain.

Dr. Bragg will teach them how to maintain a healthy back, what to do should back pain arise, and non-surgical treatments for back and other joint pain that may impact their work and quality of life. Dr. Bragg will tailor her presentation for your workforce so that it is specifically designed to meet their needs.

Click here for an excellent article by Dr. Bragg on how business owners can cut healthcare costs and help employees avoid back surgery.

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If an employee injury should occur
If your employees should incur an on-the-job injury requiring treatment for their injury or pain, Dr. Bragg and her staff will work closely with your carrier and their Case Managers to optimize outcomes and eliminate unnecessary time off from work.

With a Fluoroscopy Suite and a Pain Management Physician under one roof, The Spine and Orthopedic Pain Center is a one-stop shop for employees with work injuries involving the back and other musculoskeletal injuries. We provide comprehensive treatment for acute and chronic pain from your neck to your to your toe.

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Video & Written Testimonials

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“I really appreciate a common sense approach to pain management and the conservative considerations for non-surgical options. Healthcare is a business but taking the time to find the best option for a patient and becoming an advocate seems to be less commonplace.

Thank you Dr. Bragg for reawaking the patient doctor relationship to impact a patient’s health in a positive way.”

Caroline Taylor, President, Taylor Made Diagnostics