By Dr. Winifred Bragg – January 2019

When creating your goals for the NEW YEAR, please schedule your yearly breast and prostate exams, and a colonoscopy if it is needed.

A recent update from the American Cancer Society shows the cancer death rate has been falling in the U.S. for a quarter century. However, cancer is still the second leading killer in the country behind heart disease.

Death rates have fallen as smoking rates have dropped and as gains have been made with early detection and new treatments. Overall, the cancer death rate dropped by 27 percent from 1991 to 2016.

This year, there will be 1.76 million new cancer cases, with more than 600,000 deaths.

The American Cancer Society also reports:

  1. The death rate for cancers tied to obesity — including those in the pancreas, liver, and uterus — has risen.
  2. The racial gap in cancer deaths has narrowed, but the gulf in mortality based on socioeconomic status is growing. People in poorer counties are more likely to develop the most preventable cancers.
  3. Survival rates for lung and pancreatic cancers have not improved like those for other cancers, in part because those are more often diagnosed at advanced stages.

I encourage you to start the NEW YEAR out a healthy way and schedule your yearly breast and prostate exams, and colonoscopy if needed.

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