TheBraggfactor® is a  five -step system designed to  teach you how to own and communicate your value. This will propel you in achieving your health, personal and  professional goals.

Using THEBRAGGFACTOR® to Improve Your  Health:

When you are in pain , using the five steps in TheBraggFactor system  can  help move you from an Arena of Pain to an Arena of Function.

Just like it is important to have an elevator pitch for networking, which I call your 30-Second Bragg. It is important to  have a 30 Second Bragg for your health concerns to enhance your communication with your  doctor. It is  vital to  explain the reason for your visit in  about 30 seconds. The statement needs to be  concise and clear. This simple statement  can help you to get more from your visit with your doctor.

I urge you, before you visit your doctor to:

  1. Write down in one statement why you are there.
  2. Review it with someone to ensure they can understand what you are saying. This is especially true when you are explaining  what is hurting you. Too often when people are in pain, they may be unable to express where they hurt and what the pain feels like.

The better you can explain your problem,  the better your doctor can help you.

Practice your 30 second Bragg for your health problems and watch how your visit with your doctor improves. This can be transformational.