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Do you have knee pain?

By April 9th, 2023No Comments

Today we’re gonna talk about knee pain. Knee pain is very common, especially osteoarthritis of the knee, which occurs in people usually in their sixties or fifties. But it can start developing when you are in your twenties or thirties. And so one of the things we want to know, when you have knee pain, we look at the bone in the thigh and the bone in the leg. And when this space gets narrow, because this cartilage here wears down, that’s when you have osteoarthritis and get pain. When you can see here in this model that that cartilage is thin, and that’s why you will have pain because this space is narrow.
Now, next week we are gonna talk about some of the treatments for osteoarthritis, but one of the main things we can do is weight reduction in exercising, exercise, and then strengthen our hamstrings and our quadricep muscles. Muscles that surround the knee joint can help to reduce the pain from osteoarthritis.