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Two Exercises To Do While Watching TV

As we enter the holiday season, we must not forget about our fitness. So while you are watching television, think about things that you can do to exercise while watching tv. Believe it or not, you can work on your fitness while watching your favorite program. Why not do some glute squeezes? All you have to do is squeeze your glutes until you feel them. Raise your butt up a bit. Hold this position for about five to 30 seconds and repeat it three times a day. That’s a quick thing that you can do while watching your television. Now you can take a chair and do a chair stretch. Sit in a sturdy chair, one that doesn’t roll with your legs, shoulder width apart, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Slowly bend over and grab your ankles. Pull up on your back. Hold for three seconds, release and come back upward to a seated position very slowly. Now, repeat this five to 10 times and do another set if you are able to. This is another thing that you can do while watching the television. So just try these two just to start off, do your chair stretch and do your glute squeezes.