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Be Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

As we enter into the holiday season with Thanksgiving coming next week, I want to wish you and all of your families and those who listen to my channel, a very happy Thanksgiving. May your Thanksgiving be safe and joyous with you and your family. Now as you travel, remember what I’ve always told you, if you are riding in a car, stop at the rest stops and stretch so that you don’t develop back pain from prolonged sitting.

So after you’ve been driving an hour or two hours, take a stretch. I know it may lengthen the trip a little bit, but at least when you get to where you are going, you will feel good. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving and I’ll be back again next week with another tip for a Pain Free Friday. This is Dr. Bragg with a Thanksgiving wish for all of you who have listened to my YouTube channel over the past few months.