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Can Better Pain Management Solve the Opioid Crisis?

I think that what has happened with this opioid crisis is that the message is complex, and if you want people to follow something, you have to make it simple. I think most of us had the experience of seeing your mother or your grandmother make a pie, so you understand that a pie doesn’t have one ingredient. If you make an apple pie, it has what? Sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon. But what happened in pain management, people think that pain management is synonymous with opioids, and so they do one ingredient. Everyone was getting a script for opioids. And so the reason I do the pie is because I like my patients and primary care doctors that I talk to, to understand If you reflect upon grandmother. Grandmother knew best that we had to have more than one ingredient, and that opioids, NSAIDs, physical therapy, injections and braces or different ingredients. And if we blend them together, we do what? Grandmother had a good pie.