When the Super Bowl airs on February 7, millions of Americans will spend a minimum of four hours in front of their TV sets watching the two best NFL teams compete. They’ll have their lucky hats on, their favorite alcoholic beverages, their preferred easy chair, and snacks aplenty as they gear up to watch the longest football game of the year, complete with extended half-time show and pre-game coverage.

What they may not realize is that they could be setting themselves up for low back pain (or aggregating existing back pain) that could cause them to miss work the next day — and lead them to frantic calls to a doctor’s office for pain relief. Back pain is the second leading cause people give for scheduling doctor visits.

Coincidentally, it has been estimated that one million Americans call in sick the day after the Super Bowl, with the so-called Super Bowl Flu.

Below are some tips for avoiding the Super Bowl Flu:

• Watch the Super Bowl commercials while standing.
• Put a lumbar roll—or rolled up towel—behind your back as you watch the game.
• If you have one, sit on a stability ball instead of the couch.
• Keep snacks in another room. Get up to have one every 30 minutes or so.
• Choose healthy foods because obesity compounds back pain.

Enjoy the game!!

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