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Pain Free Friday Tip Jun 17 – Part 1, Use Your Television Watching Time to Reduce Back Pain

Did you know Americans watch television an average of four hours per day? So you can start using some of the time you spend watching television to reduce your back pain. Simply incorporate as much movement as possible during your television time. Here are some things you might consider. After sitting and watching television for 30 minutes take a postural break. Get up, and walk to the bathroom or go to the kitchen and get a glass of water after you’ve been sitting 30 minutes. This will give your back muscles a much-needed break. Because remember I told you before, prolonged sitting is one of the worst things you can do to your back. Because this alone increases the risk of back pain. Another simple tip, you can place a lumbar roll in your chair. This will improve your sitting posture and reduce your back pain. Now if you don’t have a lumbar roll you can roll a towel and put it in your chair or in the small of your back. And this will also help to improve your posture. This is Dr. Bragg with a tip for a Pain Free Friday please come back next week, and I will be giving you some more tips that you can use while you’re watching television to reduce your back pain.