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Pain Free Friday Tip Jun 24 – Part 2, Use Your Television Watching Time to Reduce Back Pain

This is Part II of Tips to Reduce Your Back Pain While Watching Television. If you missed the first part of this video go back to last week’s tip and you’ll get the first two tips. As I told you previously, Americans watch television an average of 4 hours per day. So why don’t you spend some of the time you watch television to reduce your back pain? You can use a stability ball to improve your posture. Stability balls are great for the back. Simply sitting on a stability ball will help to improve your posture. Correctly sitting on a stability ball will also help to increase your abdominal strength. You can find these large balls at many stores. Purchase one and start increasing the strength of your back muscles today. Secondly, you can increase the strength of your core with a stability ball. This can be done while watching television. Use the stability ball to perform simple exercises like Wall Slides that can easily be done during commercials. Try these two tips and see if your back pain starts reducing. But the key is to incorporate these things in while you’re watching television because remember, we spend about 4 hours a day watching television. I’ll be back next week with the third part on how to reduce back pain while watching Television.